Kamson Coffee specializes in sourcing 100% arabica coffees directly from individual villages throughout Northern Thailand.  

Our founder, Lina Kamson, explores the entire mountain region of Northern Thailand in search of exceptional coffee.  Utilizing her intimate knowledge of local culture and language, she builds relationships with family growers to guarantee best practices and high quality.  We buy green coffee directly from these family estates and exclusively manage the importation all the way to our roasting facility in Petaluma.

Each batch of coffee is carefully roasted to unlock the full potential of complexity and flavor.  The results of our efforts create a fascinating experience in the cup, as well as healthy and prosperous communities at the origin.

Our "Coffee Philosophy"

We believe that enjoying coffee is very similar to drinking wine -- coffees from individual estates can be fascinating on their own, with minimal blending, made with high quality fruit, and with great attention to every detail of the process.  Everything about any particular coffee should be optimized for our appreciation.  Coffee should look beautiful, smell wonderful, and taste great!